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LED strip lights – Add a touch of extravagance to your home

If you have conquered LED bulbs, floodlights, or even downlights and now aspire to take your home to the next level; LED strip lights could be the next step for you.

You’ve often noticed mood lighting used in showrooms, display stands, or stage setups. These emotion-altering effects, through LED strip lights, can enhance your home experience.

LED strip lights are a highly flexible and customizable way to add lighting or colour to your home. Their size, durability, and flexibility allow them to be used in almost any space, inside and outside your home. Recently, they have not only been the latest trend in residential applications but commercial too. 

Here are a few benefits to persuade you in the right direction: 


LED Strip lights are pre-soldered at every cutting point. This allows the strip light to be customized in length or to connect the strip in difficult places.

Quick and easy installation

LED strips come with genuine 3M adhesive backing tape for quick and safe installations.

Indoor or outdoor use

LED strip lights are available in IP20 for indoor use as well as IP65 for outdoor use. IP65 rated LED strips are fully encased with a silicone sleeve that protects the strip’s components from dust and moisture. This allows them to be used almost anywhere! PioLED’s 12V IP67 strip light can be used outdoors and is safe for use around swimming pools. 

Variety of moods (Colours)

If contemporary is more your style- the use of warm, neutral, or cool whites will assist. But if you’re feeling more whimsical- RGB options are also available to match your every mood. LED Strips are also dimmable when coupled with a wireless dimmer.

Where to use LED Strip lights?

From the kitchen to your outdoor area, LED strip lighting has no boundaries. The only limitation is your imagination! 

Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

Brighten Dark corners

The versatility of strip lights allows them to fit perfectly into any corner or under furniture. Revealing space that you would not be able to see and enhance the size of a room. Add PioLED’s Dotless profile for a seamless linear effect.

LED Strips behind TV Screens

Enhance your viewing pleasure with LED strip lights. These strip lights eliminate excess glare, therefore, causing less strain on your eyes.

Emphasize the outdoor stairs

Not only will this add to the safety aspect, but the luminous glow will create appeal and style to the great outdoors.

Now it’s your turn. Explore your options but most importantly, if you are not happy with the current placement, it can easily be removed without a trace!