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Lighting’s effect on the Restaurant Industry

Have you ever wondered what draws you in or makes you stay a little longer at restaurants? Yes, it could be the delicious food or the alluring smell of the coffee but believe it or not, lighting plays a vital role in transforming your customer’s experience.

Light can be used not only to create ambiance but also in an expressive manner, showing your customers what type of atmosphere your restaurant has to offer. Of course, decor and colour palettes also play a part in this but without light, none of these beautiful details will ever be seen.

Types of lighting required in restaurants:

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is always the foundation of all lighting and sets the mood in any space. Knowing your clientele will help you decide on what lighting will be best suited for your establishment. Be it a low-lit or brightly lit atmosphere, both cater to different clientele so choose wisely.

Task Lighting

This form of lighting is commonly used by employees for preparing meals or drinks but is also important to customers for menu reading. Kitchens and Bathrooms require well-lit areas since they are high task areas. A low-lit space may require task lighting as well for areas such as buffets or walkways.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to draw attention and highlight special features. More decorative than practical, this form of lighting is great for bringing to life paintings, architectural features, and bars. Show off your restaurant’s best feature with accent lighting, LED Strip lights are among the best options for this type of lighting. Adding a touch of colour is a great way to show your customers that your restaurant has a playful side as well.

Know your clientele before you choose your lighting

Would you need a well-lit space for high energetic customers during the lunch rush or a low-lit environment to help people relax and wind down after a long day?

A low-lit atmosphere creates an intimate, high-end environment for lounges, bars, or fine dining experiences. Warm lighting is known to have a relaxing effect and can pursue customers to stay longer than they should, increasing the chances of ordering coffee, dessert, or another cocktail.

A brightly lit atmosphere suggests energy or a more casual mood. This lighting is best suited for fast food establishments where you can grab a meal as fast as possible, while helping to facilitate traffic, therefore, resulting in a higher turnover and a larger profit. Bright lights at fast-food restaurants have also been known to overstimulate guests creating a desire to eat more than they intended to.

Daytime Cafes make excellent use of natural light with large translucent windows and bright ceiling lamps. This suggests the illusion of more space and adds to the safety factor without compromising the strain on your customer’s eyes.

Choosing the correct lighting can make a huge difference and accomplish much more than only lighting up your space. Delicious food, excellent lighting, and good interior design creates a memorable dining experience that will keep customers coming back for more.