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Mistakes made with LED lighting

Lighting plays with our senses and can completely change a design or experience. It’s one of the most important elements in interior design and if done incorrectly, it can turn the most beautiful design into disapproval or cause you to spend unnecessary money.

Here are a few common LED mistakes to avoid when using LED Lighting:

Choosing the lighting requirements too late

It is highly recommended to plan your lighting at an early process rather than leaving it for the finishing touch as most people do. Architects provide a general lighting plan; however, lighting should be tailored for your own specific needs or goals. This will save you time and money in redesigning your space once again.

Using only one light source for your room

One of the most common mistakes made is choosing only one light source to light up your space. There are 3 important lighting categories to consider: Ambient, Task, and Accent lighting. Each type of lighting needs to be used intentionally and should not be combined without planning. Layering LED Lighting is a great way to express your creativity while lighting up your home. For more info on ‘Layered LED lighting’ visit our blog Let LED lighting fill your outdoor space with joie de vivre!

Not investing in dimmers

Dimmers are often overlooked but can be a great investment in the long run. They help to conserve your lamps, by lasting longer while giving you full control of setting the mood. A room that has a dimmer can help lighten the mood and create a peaceful atmosphere when needed. Always remember to buy a compatible LED dimmer switch for your dimmable LED lights.

Not making use of task lighting

High task areas require a brighter lit space while an area used for entertainment or relaxing might require a much dimmer lighting setting. Task lighting can also improve your focus and help get the job done. Spotlights or lights above countertops are a great way of practicing task lighting. Don’t forget to also add in great ambient lighting, as this is the foundation of all lighting.

Failing to bring in natural light

Sensor floodlights have become the latest trend in the LED lighting market. We now have the luxury of having motion Maintaining a balance between natural and artificial light can bring harmony to your space. Natural light also provides us with vitamin D which helps against depression and aids with the absorption of calcium for strong bone development. It also maintains our circadian rhythms, which coordinates all our bodily functions.

Avoiding common mistakes such as these will help save you time and money. If you are already familiar with LED Lighting and wondering what could take your home to the next level? We recommend using Smart Lighting. PioLED Lighting’s QuRi Smart Lighting range is perfect for bringing colour into your home. Watch Part 1&2 of our QuRi Smart Lighting Demonstration video. Link below.

PioLED Lighting – QuRi Smart Lighting DEMONSTRATION VIDEO Part 1

PioLED Lighting – QuRi Smart Lighting DEMONSTRATION VIDEO Part 2