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5 ways to perfect the ambient lighting in your home

Is your home lit adequately, and effectively? Ambient lighting not only contributes to the overall illumination of your home, but can also help you create an atmosphere. And luckily for you, PioLED has lighting products in many forms for ultimate customisation, so you can find the lighting solutions that best suit your home and preference. Explore our online store, and read these tips for advice on how to make the most of ambient lighting. 

Ambient lighting tips: 

1. Make use of natural light 

The best kind of ambient light? Natural light, of course! During the day, it can be pretty much all the lighting you need, assuming you have large enough windows to let the sun’s rays shine in. If your home is rather dark during the day, you can emphasise window light with reflective surfaces. Installing large mirrors, for example, is a clever (and aesthetic) way to enhance the effect of natural light in a space. You can also add in more windows if need be, or switch from curtains to blinds to allow more natural light in. 

2. Install recessed lighting 

Recessed ceiling lights, and more specifically, Downlighters, are an ambient lighting go-to! You’ve got to agree, these fittings are everywhere – from your bedroom to your office space to your favourite restaurant. Downlighters fit seamlessly into ceiling structures and lend themselves to angled surfaces and irregular placements. This makes them a flexible lighting solution for homeowners and businesses – and a bright one at that! Our range of LED Downlighters includes luminaires emitting as many as 2250 lumens. If you’re interested in installing recessed lighting, explore our full range here. 

3. Use dimmers to set the mood 

Dimmable lights are an important part of ambient lighting as you can dim them down to set the mood or save power in areas that aren’t currently in use. You can also turn them up to full brightness, which can be useful in areas with multiple functions, like a bathroom or living room. Dimmers allow you to control ambient lighting levels during the day and night, making one fitting type a sort of ‘jack of all trades’ for everyday living spaces. Click here to view our Dimmable 6W GU10. 

4. Go bright in high-activity areas 

In areas where lighting is key to performing tasks, it is important to opt for ambient lighting that can deliver the brightness you need in a suitable colour temperature. For example, in kitchens, ceiling lighting should have a high CRI for better visibility and clarity, with a colour temperature of neutral white or cool white to stimulate energy and encourage activity. Read more about kitchen lights.