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Office lighting: How to light a productive workspace

A well-lit office not only allows for better visibility, but actually stimulates productivity. If you think about it, being able to see properly in the office or studio space helps you work faster and more efficiently, with less effort. And with LED technology, you have the extra benefit of flicker-free illumination. LED luminaires come in a wide range of colour temperatures from 3000K – 6000K with our best office colour temperature being 4000K. Does your workspace need a lighting upgrade? For better office lighting, consider the following LED ceiling fittings. (And be sure to check out our home office lighting tips too.)

Ceiling LEDs for office lighting:

Edge-lit and Back-lit LED Panels

When it comes to office ceiling lighting, our Edge-Lit and Back-Lit Panels are the ‘real McCoy’. They are ultra-slim, unobtrusive fittings that recess perfectly into ceilings. Both panels offer bright, uniform light distribution, with Edge-Lits emitting up to 6600lm and Back-Lits emitting up to 6000lm. The panels are also light-weight and quick and easy to install – only requiring one man or woman for the job! Whatsmore, both fittings have dimmable and dali dimmable variants, making them the ultimate ceiling luminaire for corporate environments. These luminaires can also be surface mounted should the application require. Even though other ceiling lights can’t outshine Edge-Lit and Back-Lit Panels in offices – there are a few that come close! Keep reading to find out more. 

LED Iris 2 in 1 Round Ceiling Lights 

Our surface-mount and recess-mount Iris Ceiling Lights come with uniquely adjustable clips for easy installation over previous fitting holes, and also come in dimmable and CCT-adjustable options. These ceiling lights are ideal for office lighting as they offer bright illumination (up to 2250lm) and create a sophisticated, modern ceiling aesthetic. Our Iris Ceiling Lights come with optional Matt Black or Satin Nickel magnetic trims to add to their visual interest – a great fit for modern corporate environments.  

T8 Premium LED Tubes

T8 Premiums are another viable candidate for your office lighting. While they tend to be primarily used in commercial settings, these lamps offer powerful illumination suitable for high-detail task environments, such as those in the textile industry. T8 Premium Tubes have a frosted glass housing that helps reduce glare, and their seamless installation process makes for a convenient switch from traditional fluorescent tubes. And with instant-on capabilities (no warm up-time required), this lamp will help boost your workforce’s output! 

Time is money – make it count with LED office lighting

Is your office sufficiently lit to encourage productivity and maximise success? We have a wide range of fittings and fixtures available for your office lighting, so make the switch to LEDs today.