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Light up your workspace with home office lighting

Working from home for the foreseeable future? If so, why not make your own home office space, perfectly set up for optimal performance and output? All you’ll need is a comfortable chair, an appropriately sized desk, your laptop, some work stationery, and sufficient light sources. And not just any light sources – ones that are specially designed to achieve your desired office space. We’re talking ​LEDs​ – not the harsh fluorescents you’re probably used to. Need a hand with the process? We’ll teach you how to set up your home office lighting in four easy steps. 

How to set up your home office lighting:

1. Make use of natural light 

Once you’ve selected the space for your home office, glance around the room and find the sources of natural light. Windows, doors, skylights – whatever you’ve got close by. Determine how bright your home office space will be with just natural light. Your workspace needs to receive enough light so that you don’t strain your eyes or develop headaches and pains. If you find your workspace is still pretty dark during the day, or if you have plans to work at night too, it’s time to move on to phase two of your home office lighting. 

2. Add an overhead fixture 

What’s the best way to fill in the absence of natural light? Overhead lighting. What you need to look for is an LED Pendant Light that you can suspend from the ceiling so it hangs directly over your work station. When choosing your Pendant Light, be sure to consider the LED ​colour temperature​. Will you be doing lots of fine detail work? If so, consider bright task lighting with a cool white colour temperature for maximum efficiency. If you’re just working on your laptop, however, and would like to create a comfortable environment with less harsh lighting, consider a warm colour temperature for your Pendant Lighting. 

3. Invest in a quality desk light 

So, what’s next for your office lighting set up? You’ve probably guessed it – every workspace should come fitted with a bright LED desk light. Task lighting is an important part of your workspace as it will help you concentrate more and perform better. And what’s ideal about the desk light is you can adjust it and move it around so the beam angle best suits your work. Explore our range of LED lamps for your task lighting​. 

4. Add some ambient lighting 

To finish off your office lighting, consider placing some ambient light sources in the mix. Having subtle light emanating from a separate light fixture in a different colour filter and intensity can cut the harshness of your task lighting just enough to make your workspace feel pleasant and aesthetic. Your ambient lighting can be in the form of ​Strip Lights​, ​Rope Lights​, or ​Downlights​ in the general room area to indirectly add to your workspace illumination. 

Do you have sufficient home office lighting? Is your home office allowing you to get the job done? If not, perhaps rethink your office lighting situation. You might find that adding a few LEDs is all you need to transform the space into your optimum workstation. ​Discover home office lighting solutions here​.