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G4 & G9 LED Lamps

G4 LED and G9 LED Lamps

LED lamps are an energy-efficient, long-lasting alternative to the traditional halogen lamps found in many kitchen fittings and fixtures.

What’s the difference between a G4 and G9 LED bulb?

A G4 LED bulb and G9 LED bulb look very similar, but you can distinguish the two by looking at the filament. The G4 filament has straight prongs, whereas the G9 filament has two small loop-shaped prongs protruding from the base of the bulb. Another big difference between the two is their voltage – G4 LED capsules are low-voltage, so require a compatible transformer, whereas the G9 LED capsules operate using the mains voltage.

What are G4 LED bulbs and G9 LED bulbs used for?

G4 and G9 capsules have a similar function, both are multipurpose and used for household decoration and enclosed fixtures. These bright bulbs are typically used for under-cabinet, vanity and accent lighting around the home. They are also commonly seen in cupboard fixtures, desk lamps and chandeliers. A great function of the G4 and G9 bulbs are that they are suitable for outdoor usage too, making them a fine choice for landscape lighting.