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CNC Downlight Fixtures & Accessories

GU10 Holder and CNC Aluminium Light Fixtures

Our stylish snap-on CNC Aluminium Light Fixtures with trendy tilt fixtures are not only economical but pleasing to the eye too.

Four reasons to choose aluminium light fixtures:

1. Lightweight
Aluminium is a very lightweight metal, making it convenient for transport and installation purposes.

2. Sturdy
Once alloys have been added, aluminium has a strength to weight ratio that is superior to steel, making it an excellent material for structural support. Unlike many other metals, aluminium’s performance isn’t hindered by cold weather – it actually becomes stronger in cooler conditions, making it ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use, and suitable for industrial settings.

3. Corrosion-resistant
The protective oxide naturally produced by aluminium makes it a highly resistant material. CNC Aluminium light fixtures are therefore ideal for the coastal environment.

4. Highly reflective
Aluminium is a highly reflective metal, making it ideal for lighting fixtures.