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LED Linear Lights

Seamlessly fitting into indoor office spaces, LED Linear Lights are the perfect ceiling lighting option for task-oriented environments. The long, clean lines of LED Linear fittings can be used to emphasise architecture and improve the general aesthetics of a space.

What sectors they are suited to?

Their linear form allows them to light up expansive areas with high ceilings, and their aesthetic appearance makes them a suitable choice for the residential and commercial sector.

Where to use them?

They work best in the residential and commercial sectors and are typically used as feature lights in expansive, open-plan corporate and public spaces. They are commonly used in office foyers and hallways and can be seen lighting up shopping centre walkways and airport passages. Our LED Linears are both flicker and ripple-free, allowing for uninterrupted illumination.


There are three main types: Pendant, Surface-mounted and Recessed.

  1. LED Linear Pendant Lights are suspended from wires and hung from the ceiling. They are particularly effective in rooms with high ceilings, and make excellent accent lights above reception desks, staircases etc.
  2. Surface-mounted LED Linear Lights are mounted onto the ceiling, and are more fitting in rooms with low-positioned ceilings.
  3. Lastly, Recessed LED Linear Lights are recessed into a surface, like a wall or ceiling, and lay flush against it.