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LED Bulbs & Candles

LED Light Bulbs and Candles:

LED bulbs and candles are intended for commercial and domestic use, being suitable for various fittings commonly found in restaurants and homes, like lamps and chandeliers.

Why you should choose LED light bulbs:

1. Long life span
When it comes to light bulbs in the market, LED light bulbs have an unparalleled life span, lasting up to 50 000 hours.

2. Energy-efficient
LED bulbs are also far more energy-efficient when compared to incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

3. Tough
The hardy materials used to make LEDs allow the bulbs to withstand shocks, vibrations and abrasions, as well as surges to a certain degree. Unlike other types of bulbs, LEDs are also suitable for use in cold environments.

4. Minimal UV emissions
LED bulbs produce little UV and infrared light, making them perfect for use in areas with perishable or delicate goods, like storage facilities and museums.

5. Eco-friendly
Mercury-free, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable, LED light bulbs are friendly to the environment and can help organisations reduce their carbon footprint.

6. Instantaneous light
As soon as they are turned on, LED lights are immediately at full brightness. This is in contrast to halogen or low-energy bulbs that take a few minutes to achieve maximum output.

7. Design flexibility
LED light bulbs can be fitted in many different ways to create the desired effect. They are completely customisable to your preference, in terms of colour, shade, brightness and distribution of light.

Which shape to use?

When choosing between these two light bulb shapes, it’s important to consider the intent and purpose for the bulb. Chandeliers, for example, are better suited to Candle Bulbs, as they imitate the shape of a candle flame. However, if you are looking for bulbs for general household use, like for reading lamps, the standard LED Light Bulbs are more suitable.

Frosted vs clear LED light bulbs:

Clear LED light bulbs and the frosted varieties share the same design, both being made of glass and containing a filament for producing light. Clear bulbs are generally preferred in cases where bright light is needed, i.e. for typical everyday purposes. Frosted LED light bulbs are usually fitted in areas where softer, diffused light is more appropriate, like in a restaurant.