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LED Track Lighting & Accessories

LED Track Lighting & Accessories

The term ‘track lighting’ is used to describe light fixtures attached to a continuous track device. Tracks can be mounted to walls, ceilings, beams, rafters and joists, and can be hung by rods in spaces with high ceilings. Our Bazuka simply clips into tracks, making installation fast and hassle-free.

Benefits of LED Track Lighting

1. Easy to install
Track lighting is fairly simple to install and doesn’t require ceiling cutting and the addition of electrical boxes.

2. Highlights specific features
Track lighting allows you to direct attention to certain objects and spaces in your home, office or retail environment. For example, you may wish to illuminate a piece of art, a table, a manikin, clothing or houseplants.

3. Comes in many different styles
There are plenty of track styles and fixtures available, giving you the freedom to find exactly what you have in mind to suit your home.