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IEC GU10 Downlight Holder

LED Downlights

LED downlights are all-purpose light fittings, typically placed in ceilings to light up indoor spaces. Whether the ceiling is level or sloped, LED downlights will work effectively. They are designed to create a natural light effect, and are dimmable, making them perfect for creating mood lighting.

What sectors they are suited to?

LED downlights are suitable for the residential and commercial sectors, providing effective general lighting in rooms. Downlights also offer flexibility with regards to brightness and efficiencies. Their all-purpose appeal and dimmer capabilities make them the perfect indoor lighting solution for homes and businesses alike.

Where to use them?

LED downlights can be used as ceiling lights in all rooms of the home and business environment – foyers, bedrooms, dining areas, conference rooms, kitchens – you name it. They can also be positioned above wall artworks to make them stand out, and can be arranged in unconventional and creative ways to give building architecture a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

How many to get?

When it comes to LED downlights, the amount you should fit per room depends on the room’s size, height, and purpose. A workspace would require bright light, whereas a TV room would be more suited to softer lighting, for example. If you need some guidance for working out the amount you need for a particular room, follow these steps:

Step 1: Work out the square footage of the room (multiply its width by its depth).
Step 2: Once you’ve worked out the square footage, multiply that by 1.5 to determine the total wattage needed to light up the space.
Step 3: Take the wattage number you calculated and divide it by the wattage of your chosen downlight bulb. And voila! The number you end up with is the number of fittings you need.