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230V Rope Light Accessories

Rope Lights make excellent decorative lighting, adding a soft touch of illumination to spaces to create a certain mood, and draw attention to specific areas. Rope Lights contain numerous small light bulbs linked together, and encased in a PVC jacket. They are typically used by the residential and commercial sector for decorative and practical purposes.

Rope light as indoor lighting
Rope Lights are commonly seen outlining kitchen perimeters and bar countertops, and are often used as ambient lights and ceiling features, as well as under-lighting in movie theatre baseboards. Rope Lights are also suitable for garages and attics, where no permanent lighting fixtures are needed.

Rope Lights as outdoor lighting
Outdoor Rope Lights can be seen illuminating staircases, outdoor patios, and decks. They are durable enough to use in and around the garden, and are a popular choice for lighting up driveways, sheds, and artistic topiary displays. Rope Lights are also perfect for the holiday season, and can be manipulated to create colourful festive designs.