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12V/24V LED Strips

Flexible LED Strip Lights

Our handy LED Strip Lighting Connectors allow you to cut and join your lighting strips at your leisure. If you need to attach an additional strip, our single-way connector in either 8mm (4.8W/9.6W) or 10mm (14.4W) is perfect for the job. And if you wish to bend the strip lighting around a corner, we offer a 2-way connector with a “tail” in-between the two.

Working with LED Strips

Versatile and endlessly useful, there is no accent lighting quite as effective as Flexible LED Strip Lights. These lights are typically used to create visual interest in a room, and are used by interior designers and home decor enthusiasts to draw the eye to specific features of the home, whether these be pot plants, paintings, ornaments, antiques, a frame wall, or architectural design.

Not only are Flexible Strip Lights used for aesthetic purposes, but they are often carefully positioned for practical reasons too. Tucked into and around bookshelves, cabinets, vanity and kitchen cupboards, around mirrors and kitchen islands – the options for Flexible Strip Lights seem endless.

Another huge benefit of Flexible Strip Lights is that they are dimmable, making them energy-efficient as well as customisable, allowing you to layer light and add instant depth and impact in certain areas of your home. These handy feature lights are cost-effective too, with their high-performance, long-lasting LED chips.