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Kitchen lights for better cooking and brighter meals

Having the right kitchen lights can make all the difference when you’re preparing dishes at home. You know what they say – what you see is what you get! The kitchen is primarily a task-oriented environment, where you need to clearly see what you are doing, at all times. For example, dicing up fruit and veggies with a sharp blade requires careful precision. As does measuring ingredients and selecting temperatures on the stove. Whatsmore, if you’re following a specific recipe, you’ll want to be able to read it properly as well as keeping an eye on your bubbling pots and sizzling pans, while discerning how much longer your roast needs to cook. If you’re preparing meals in the dark (literally and figuratively), we’ll shine some light on the situation. Explore our quality range of LED lights.

Discover all the kitchen lights you need:

For the kitchen ceiling

When planning your kitchen lights, the first place you should look is up. Ceiling lighting is arguably the most important part of lighting up a kitchen. It provides the ambient light that illuminates the entire space from above. For your ceiling lights, we recommend Recessed Downlighting, fitted evenly in straight lines along the axis of your kitchen counters. This layout should provide you with sufficient ‘background’ lighting in the room, with the brightest beam angle hitting your kitchen work stations. If your kitchen has high ceilings, though, you might want to consider Linear Suspension Lights instead. These fittings offer the benefit of customisation. You can hang them above your kitchen countertops at an ideal distance and adjust them if necessary. 

For the kitchen island

An island countertop in a kitchen fulfils one of two purposes. You use it for either food preparation or dining. If you use yours for food preparation, it is a task space, such, we would recommend you install Recessed Downlighting above it (as per our ceiling lighting suggestion). It is imperative that you select a product with a high colour rendering index, generally with a CRI>80 to ensure that your Medium Rare steak, is infact medium rare and not well done! Colour rendering is vital when portraying true colours – especially in kitchen environments. You can also add some hanging lights to further illuminate the countertop. Bright pendant lights with a cool colour temperature (explore bulbs here) can make particularly effective kitchen lights. Not only from a practicality point of view, but in terms of aesthetics too. They can add that extra wow factor to kitchen decor and highlight your island as a central feature of the space. However, if you use your island for dining purposes, you might prefer more subtle lighting. Mini pendant fixtures with a decorative appearance, soft light beam and warm colour temperature would be a fitting choice.

For the kitchen cabinets

LED cabinet lighting can transform your kitchen space from any old room to a distinctive food preparation zone. It’s the ‘signature’ lighting aspect of the kitchen, after all. Under-cabinet lights have an important purpose. They eliminate shadows on kitchen countertops so that visibility is excellent for food preparation. Over-cabinet lights, on the other hand, have more of a decorative purpose, adding a dramatic effect to the aesthetics of the kitchen area. For both under and over-cabinet lighting, we recommend Rope Lights and Strip Lights. They are perfect for the job – providing bright illumination in a consistent and even manner.

Are your kitchen lights doing the trick?

No home-cooked meal should be unpleasant to taste, nor should it be a pain to prepare. If your kitchen is looking dull and shadowy, give it the surge of power it needs with quality LED kitchen lights and enjoy home cooking at its finest. Get in touch with PioLED today.