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Important aspects to consider when illuminating stairs/steps, and around swimming pools.

Illuminating stairs and swimming pools are not always the first thought that comes to mind when you think of lighting up your home, yet it can create an impressive look of luxury. It can also be challenging since it is difficult to hide cables and wires to achieve a modern and minimal look.

The first thing to consider is always safety. Who will be using this area? 

Be it a spot at your home or a public place, it is important to consider the people using this space. For example, the elderly or visually impaired people require a certain level of corrective lighting so it is important to consider technical aspects such as colour temperature and lumen output to accommodate for the safety of your guests.

Pool decks often see more traffic than the pool itself sometimes. From walking to and from the house to the pool or just trying to find a seat, it is important to be able to see where you are going. This is especially true for guests that don’t know your backyard as well as you do.

Which type of lighting should you go for?

There is no limit to illuminating stairs or pool areas. Should you light up the stairs? Should the light come from the ceiling? Or from the wall? The sky’s your limit when illuminating space.

The most popular solution that we propose is LED strips. LED strips provide a versatile design that can be tailored to your every need. We recommend our IP65 24V 10W Outdoor LED Strip as the ultimate outdoor solution. Available in warm white, natural white, cool white, and the most popular choice for swimming pools, BLUE. It features a 10m run with no voltage drop and is well equipped with genuine 3M tape to combat outdoor conditions. IP65 means it is waterproof but cannot be submerged into water. A great feature that it includes is its safety ability from an electrical shock. We also recommend pairing this LED Strip with our Aluminium profile and cover which works hand in hand together for protection and a cleaner finish.

Apart from LED Strips, you can also make use of step lights to wall-mounted luminaires – depending on where the stairs are located.

The Cost Factor – Choosing LED to save on energy and money

One of the main advantages of Lighting with LED is the economic and energy-saving factor. In general, you can save between 50% and 60% of energy. For this reason and to further improve the whole home interior design, LED strips have been used for illuminating staircases and around pools for many years and have become a growing trend in the interior design world. Coloured lights also lend a dash of colour to the entire area and is definitely a way to create a whimsical atmosphere.

The aim of lighting up stairs and pool areas is to merge the lighting with the appointed space into one element as if it were created with their lighting system. Although it can be challenging, it is definitely worth considering if you are a LED enthusiast.