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Light up your life with RGB Lighting this festive season

Nothing brightens up your home like RGB Lighting. It has now become an ever-growing trend in the LED lighting market, with its beautiful colours and versatile applications. But did you know having RGB lighting in your room can also be beneficial to you?

What is RGB Lighting? 

RGB stands for red, green, and blue. When these three colours are combined and used together, it has the ability to display over 16 million colour options. Is that true? Yes! Each of the core colours has numerous different shades – so, when you mix and match all of those shades, you produce over 16 million colours.

Where to use them?

RGB lighting is bright and welcoming and can be used at home both indoors and outdoors. RGB lights are also great for relaxation in the bedroom. For example; green light is said to bring a sense of serenity while blue light offers the feeling of calmness. Red Light is known to assist with eye strain and promote sleep. Just think about the perks of having a whole spectrum of illumination in your bedroom and what it would do for you. Here’s a list of some of our recommended PioLED Lighting RGB Products and how to apply them.

PioLED Combat LED RGB Remote Floodlight

RGB Floodlights are suitable for any outdoor occasion. PioLED offers the Combat LED RGB Remote Floodlight available in 20W and 50W. With their colour-changing ability, they can be used for outdoor parties or just to make a building or garden more attractive. You may also see them promote the festive season with their vibrant remote-control features.

PioLED 230V Rope Light

Rope Lights are commonly seen outlining kitchen perimeters, ceiling bulkheads and bar countertops. They are also suitable for garages and attics, where no permanent lighting fixtures are needed. Outdoor Rope Lights can be seen illuminating staircases, outdoor patios, and decks. They are durable enough to use in and around the garden and are a popular choice for lighting up driveways, sheds, and artistic topiary displays. Rope Lights are also perfect for the holiday season and can be manipulated to create colourful festive designs.

PioLED LED Strip Lights

There is no accent lighting quite as effective as Flexible LED Strip Lights. These lights are typically used to create visual interest in a room and are used by interior designers and home decor enthusiasts to draw the eye to specific features of the home like a TV screen, a frame wall, or architectural design.

Not only are Flexible Strip Lights used for aesthetic purposes, but they are often carefully positioned for practical reasons too, for example; placing LED strips behind TV screens creates a floating effect and reduces the glare from the screen.

Another huge benefit of Flexible Strip Lights is that they are dimmable, making them energy-efficient as well as customisable, allowing you to layer light and add instant depth and impact in certain areas of your home. These handy feature lights are cost-effective too, with their high-performance, long-lasting LED chips.

Still think you don’t need RGBs?

Wrong! They’re not only for events or vibrant displays; they’re functional and have everyday perks that may add ease and colour into your life!