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Security lights: 7 tips to secure your home

When you think of home security, you probably think of a big wall with an electrified fence. And maybe some heavy-duty locks on the front and back door. But have you ever considered adding security lighting to the mix? Garden lighting, home exterior lighting, and property perimeter lighting all play an important role in keeping a home safe and secure. Not only are criminals easier to spot at night when there is sufficient outdoor illumination, but they are also deterred by these lit-up spaces. So, if you’re upgrading your home security, it would be wise to install some quality LED security lights to give your property that extra protection factor. (Explore PioLED’s Floods)

Our recommendations for security lights:

1. Invest in white or clear bulbs

When it comes to security lights, bright white or clean light is the way to go. We suggest you avoid those colourful outdoor lights often used as decor. They may look pretty, but deep shades of green, red and blue will not illuminate your outdoor space sufficiently. If you choose exterior lighting that is, say, blue, it will have a distorting effect on the elements in your garden, obscuring your view of potential threats. 

2. Get the right number of lights at the right brightness

When planning your security lighting, it is always better to opt for more lights of lower brightness, rather than one light of high brightness. Reason being, shadows are the enemy of home security. Why? Because they hide unwanted visitors – plain and simple. So, you’ll want to avoid casting them over your home perimeter at night. Adding in more light fittings (even of low lumen count) allows you to illuminate more spaces, eliminating shadows and potential ‘hideout’ spots for criminals.

3. Place your security lights strategically

When choosing places to position your security lights, be logical and smart about it. The main areas of your home exterior should all be adequately illuminated. These areas include your front door, garden pathways, garden staircases, pool area, and driveway. And don’t forget about your backyard! Burglars are far more likely to attempt a break-in from the back of the house as opposed to the front. So, make sure your backyard is well lit and easy to scan for activity. The same goes for any backdoor entries and pathways. Be sure to position your security lights from a high angle, like from your roof, so that the light is cast downward, illuminating a greater area and preventing shadows. (Learn more about the benefits of outdoor lights.)

4. Choose motion-sensor security lights

The best kinds of security lights are the ones that surprise and deter criminals. So naturally, motion-sensor fittings are a preferable choice. Say a burglar sneaks onto your property and hides in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity of entry to strike. A motion-sensor light can catch the burglar in the act, suddenly turning on and bathing the individual in light. You will be far more likely to spot burglars if your security lights are motion-sensored, as they won’t know to avoid certain areas of your yard, and get caught off-guard. 

5. Include accent lighting

Good security lighting is not just the addition of bright floodlights with motion-sensors. It’s the holistic package of lights that illuminate your home exterior at night. And this includes soft accent lighting. Yes, adding in some aesthetic white garden lights can help keep your home safe. Think about it, burglars are on the lookout for obvious security lights most of the time. And so, they may not notice your subtle garden lights as a potential giveaway of their presence. Sometimes, even slight illumination is enough for a creeping figure to catch your eye, making your outdoor security lighting package all the more effective. The key here is balance. We recommend you install a mix of accent garden lighting, motion-sensor floodlights (for maximum effect when you need it), and medium-brightness downlights and uplights for your home entrances, outdoor staircases, and pathways.

6. Maintain your security lights

What’s the point of having an excellent security light system if it doesn’t work properly? Give your fittings and bulbs proper maintenance checks to ensure they are all working at full capacity. A burnt-out bulb is of no use to anybody! Also, be sure to wipe down your light fittings every once in a while so they don’t get covered in dirt and mud, as this could affect their performance. The best way to go about your maintenance checks is to set up a routine, so that you can monitor your lights regularly and discern when their next upgrade should be.

Want to invest in new security lights?

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