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Lighting South Africa one LED at a time

Welcome to the home of all things LED. At PioLED Lighting, we are passionate about lighting South Africa with power-efficient LED solutions – for all budgets and project requirements. Since 2008, we have been providing wholesalers and lighting solution companies as well as their customers, with market-leading luminaires. With our head office primely located within easy access of South Africa’s largest port, Durban, it allows for a quick turnaround in the procurement of products through our factories. It’s our goal to become South Africa’s most trusted lighting supplier and a household name when it comes to LED Lights.

Commercial, industrial and residential - we're lighting the way

Offering up to 80% more efficiency than traditional lighting options as well as longer lifespans, the shift towards LED lighting has taken hold. We supply only the highest quality LEDs, fixtures and accessories. Our extensive product range has luminaires of all shapes, sizes and types, suitable for installations across every sector.

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Where can you find our products?

We supply wholesale businesses and Lighting Solution companies nationwide, ensuring every individual has access to the best and brightest lighting solutions. Thanks to our network of reliable couriers, we’re able to make deliveries to our customers within a couple of days, so your nearest PioLED distributor will always have access to our range of products.

Stay abreast with WATTSup

Not only are we lighting South Africa with quality products, but we’re always on hand to provide valuable technical advice. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff across the country, available to help our customers with any technical questions. If you’re sitting at home with an LED lighting dilemma, we post regular and informative content to our blog and social media pages. Keep an eye out for everything lighting related, from the latest trends and general discussions to handy tips and tricks.